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About OPA

Who We Are

At the Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA), we lead institutional effectiveness efforts across the university.  We advocate for continuous improvement at the degree program-level, unit-level, college-level, and university-level.  Our efforts are guided by supporting assessment activities across the institution, so that data-driven decisions can be made that advance student learning and advance institutional effectiveness. 

What We Do

What is the function of the Office of Planning and Assessment?

Our office's functions are centered on the following three operational outcomes:

Outcome 1Outcome 2Outcome 3

Office Priorities for 2020-2021

What are OPA's priorities for the 2020-2021 academic year?

  1. Submit an exemplar Fifth-Year Report to SACSCOC on or before March 15, 2021;
  2. Ensure that nearly all degree programs and support service level units report actions for improvement and follow-up statements in their 19-20 assessment report;
  3. Continue to innovate Raiders Engaged, Communication Literacy, TechQuest, and the Core Curriculum Report by producing quality and meaningful reports that are shared with other campus groups;
  4. Provide enhancements to Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) that allow for streamlined faculty and staff reporting.
  5. Lead state-wide efforts to launch and enhance the 2021 Texas Association for Higher Education Assessment conference. 

Office of Planning and Assessment