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Advising Information

How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

All students in Biological Sciences are assigned to an academic advisor by last name. Students are welcome and encouraged to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor on a regular basis not just when you have a registration hold.

Biology advising at Texas Tech is not about meeting as a roadblock to registering for classes, it is about making collaborative decisions with your advisor that will help you meet your educational goals. We see advising as a relationship with equal parts of responsibility and engage in productive discussions on achieving educational and career goals.

Important dates

  • Jan 22: Last day for student-initiated addition of a course on MyTech
  • Feb 1: Student-initiated drop made on or after this date counts against drop limit. All drops are the responsibility of the student
  • April 24: Open registration for fall 2018
  • May 2: Last day to withdraw from the university
  • May 7: Last day of classes
  • May 9-14:  Final Exams


Meet your advisors


Serena Sosa

Serena Sosa

Lead Academic Advisor

Contact: biology.advising@ttu.edu

Phone: 1 (806) 742-2813

Office: 10

 Students Last Name: 

Advising Appointment

30 minute Appointments are made M-F from 9-11 and 1-4 To schedule an appointment login to strive.ttu.edu or email Biology.advising@ttu.edu include your R#, reason for appointment, and 3 options for available meeting times. Students wishing to minor in Biology or Health Professions do not require an appointment.

Major Checklist

These check list serve as a guide to allow students to ensure they are enrolled in the correct classes. If you are enrolled in a course that does not appear on your check list contact your Advisor. 

2017-2019 checklist


Biology "Ecology & Environmental Specialization"


Cell & Molecular Biology

2016 and prior

Minor Checklist

Admissions Information 

You are assured admission if you are graduating from an accredited high school and present the required combination of high school class rank and college entrance test scores indicated below.

Class Rank Test Scores*                  ACT SAT
Top 10%                                        No minimum
First Quarter
(excluding top 10%)                       24 1180
Second Quarter                              26 1260
Third Quarter                                 27 1290
Fourth Quarter                               Application Review

*ACT composite score; SAT reflects evidence-based reading and writing, and math; The highest section scores from multiple tests on the ACT and SAT will be used to maximize score. Assured admission is granted to all students who hold competitive scholarships awarded by an official Texas Tech University scholarship committee.

Transfer applicants will be assured admission if they meet the following requirements (cumulative GPA is calculated with transferable credit only):

Transferrable Credit Hours                        Transfer GPA
12-23                                                       2.5
24+                                                          2.25


Departmental GPA minimum  

  • Any students entering in Fall 2018 or later must meet the TTU Assured Admission Standards to declare as a DBS major.
  • Internal TTU transfer students must have a TTU GPA of 2.5 or better with a minimum 12 completed semester hours. External transfer students from other colleges and universities must have a GPA of 2.5 or better with a minimum 12 completed semester hours to declare as a DBS majors.
  • Any student whose TTU GPA drops below 2.5 shall have one long semester to bring their TTU GPA back to 2.5; a student who fails to do so within that time limit shall be transferred out of DBS.

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