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Research Grant Competition


Grant writing can be a very time consuming and intensive process that may take several submissions before funding is approved. The purpose of this competition is to give our members the opportunity to begin learning the grant writing process, gain experience, and receive grants to support their research.

Research Grant Applications

Students are required to submit a TTUAB Research Grant Proposal and a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor. Only complete applications that adhere to the guidelines stated below will be evaluated for funding. As per By-Law V, sec. 2 only Full TTUAB members qualify for the biology research grant awards. This includes completion of service hours, TTABSS participation and payment of dues. Full TechASM members may apply for the microbiology research awards only. All applications and recommendation letters will be submitted to Andy Parks (andy.parks@ttu.edu) for the 2023 Research Grant Competition by: April 14st, 2023.


This year TTUAB will partner with TechASM to award 10 grants in the amount of $700 each. Four awards will be devoted to the Cell/Molecular Bio/Microbiology (CMBM) category, and five awards will be devoted to the category of Ecology/Evolutionary Bio (EEB).

Grants-in-Aid Competition Awardees


2022 Awardees:

Shiva Aghdam, Terri Cox, Joseph Girgente, Noshin Mubtasim, Andy Parks, Shejal Soumen, Sean Sutor, Sarah Vrla, Hannah Wojtysiak

2021 Awardees:

Pranav Dawar, Alejandra Jacquez, Anish Navlekar, Md Fakhrul Azad, Yanni Chen, Emily Wright, Diksha Gambhir, Harsimran Bains

2020 Awardees:

Jordan Brown, Jeffrey Clerc, Billy Fetzner, Jack Francis, Songhe Li, Macy Madden, Anisha Navlekar, Ezinne Osuji, Rakib Rashel, and Beth Rogers

2019 Awardees:

Karishma Bisht, Jeffery Clarc, Xiulin Gao, Michaela Halsey, Jonathan Hruska, Christopher Johnson, Preston McDonald, Risa Mcnellis, Li Songhe, Emily Wright

Previous Grants-in-Aid Winners

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