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TTUAB Membership

To Become a Member of TTUAB there are two main components that must be completed to be considered a full member and be eligible for awards and funding:  Dues and In-service Hours.  Additional Funding may be obtained through volunteer service hours.


Each member is required to pay dues of fifty dollars ($50) per academic year.  Dues paid by 5pm the first Friday in October shall be discounted to forty ($40) per academic year (See By-Laws to the Constitution Item 1)

In-Service Hours

Each member is required to complete four (4) hours of in-service activities per semester (fall and spring) to be considered a full member.  In-Service hours include:  Lab-Kit Sales, Committee Membership, Seminar Food, and Lab-Kit Set-up.  Of the four (4) required semester hours, two (2) of the hours MUST come from lab-kit sales.  Completing these eight (8) hours per academic year allows members to be eligible for all awards (Mini-Grant and Graduate Forum) and the base level funding (See "Travel Funding" page).

Volunteer Service Hours

Aadditional travel funding is obtained through volunteer service hours (See "Travel Funding" page).  Volunteer hours may include:  TTUAB Plastic Recycling Program, Arbor Day activities, science fair judging, and various other approved local events.

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