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Travel Funding

TTUAB Travel Instructions and Travel Request form

Important:  Your travel request cannot be approved until you have completed this form. You are required to download and fill out the itemized excel budget found by scanning the QR code or copying/pasting the link.

Texas Hotel Occupancy Form

Texas Hotel Occupancy Form

If you are traveling in the state of Texas, you must fill out this form.

Publication Funding

TTUAB Publication Funding Request Form

Important:  Your publication funds request cannot be approved until you have completed this form. 


Community Service

Community Service

Community Service Form

If You Have Been Involved in Community Service, Tell Us About It!  Fill out the above Commnunity Service Form and submit this form to the TTUAB secretary.

Incentive Scholarship

Incentive Scholarship

Incentive Scholarship Form

If TTUAB has surplus funds, officers and commnittee chairs are eligible for this scholarship. Please contact the president of TTUAB for more information. You may apply through the link above.


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