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Texas Tech at Waco biology students transfer from many universities and colleges across the region. Despite being 350 miles from the main campus, our students participate in many of the same activities and organizations. Texas Tech at Waco Biology strives to ensure our students receive the same courses, experience, and degree as Lubbock biology students.


Arbor Day is an annual event that provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to join together to beautify the Tech campus, build a sense of community, and receive recognition.

TTU Waco 2015 Arbor Day

Arbor day is a Texas Tech tradition that had its roots established in 1937 when president Knapp decided to dedicate one day every spring to beautify the campus.

In 2015, this tradition was brought to Texas Tech at Waco students on the McLennan Community Campus. A Chinese Pistache was planted to commemorate the start of the TTU Arbor Day tradition in Waco.

TTU at Waco Biology students helped establish the new TTU at Waco Arbor Day tradition.


Texas Tech at Waco biology students established the Waco Undergraduate Biology Society (WUBS) as an official TTU student organization. WUBS is the first student organization established off the main campus.

TTU Waco Biology WUBS

WUBS was formed to promote camaraderie and scientific scholarship among the biology students. WUBS members participate in organizational meetings, scientific presentations, and volunteer activities.

Students also have the opportunity to link some of the student organizations on the main campus. Students have participated in meetings with The Pre-Medical Society at Texas Tech University and the Pre-Physical Therapy Club.


Biology students participate in various research projects across a wide range of areas of focus. Students have worked on projects based on feral hog relationships, coral disease to mosquitoes and Dengue fever. Several students have presented their research at scientific conferences.

Several students have the opportunity, as part of Dr. Lockwood's Coral Reef Biology course, to study abroad in Honduras and conduct research on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Many students start coral reef projects with Stephanie Randell's Marine course through McLennan Community College and continue their projects with Dr. Lockwood giving them years of continuous undergraduate research experience.

TTU Waco Biology research

Texas Tech at Waco biology undergraduate student, Kara Schmidt, extracts coral mucus from a star coral in Roatan, Honduras. Her research focuses on "Fish Bite Prevalence of Yellow-band Disease on Montastraea and Orbicella complexes in Roatan, Honduras." Kara started her research project with MCC and is now continuing her research with TTU. While with MCC in 2015, Kara won Best Marine poster at the Texas Academy of Science's meeting. Kara has been asked to help guide students in coral reef research at the University of Minnesota, and has been invited to go with them to Honduras next year.

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