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Benefits of Membership

CAC members are afforded access to leading-edge developments in autonomic computing and to knowledge accumulated by academic researchers and other industry partners. New members will join a growing list of members that currently includes Covenant Health System, Happy State Bank, Soliel LLC, StackVelocity and the US Defense Information Systems Agency, as well as technical partnerships with The Aerospace Corporation, The Cloud Standards Customer Council, and The Object Management Group. Other members that have recently benefitted from projects carried out by the CAC at other sites include Intel, Microsoft, Raytheon, Xerox, RubioPharma, Samsung, Cognizant, FifthGen, the US Army Corps of Engineers' Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and Avirtec.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Collaboration with faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and other center partners
  • Choice of project topics to be funded by members' own contributions
  • Formal periodic project reviews along with continuous informal interaction and timely access to reports, papers and intellectual property generated by the center
  • Access to unique world-class equipment, facilities, and other CAC infrastructure
  • Recruitment opportunities among excellent graduate students
  • Leveraging of investments, projects, and activities by all CAC members
  • Spin-off initiatives leading to new partnerships, customers or teaming for competitive proposals to funded programs

Projects and Partnerships

Research partnerships and projects through the CAC@TTU provide:

  • Expertise and partnerships in advancing technology while identifying and ameliorating risk factors.
  • Customized recommendations for current and emerging cloud standards, software, and methods.
  • Expertise in a wide spectrum of high-performance computing, grid and cloud services, and techniques to help industry serve multiple markets in their product line.
  • Experience in medium and large-scale pre-competitive research that supports the translation of ideas into business value and commercialize products.
  • Assistance in the design of cloud service agreements and service-level agreements, including technological and legal implications required for use in cloud management.
  • A trained workforce that can sustain opportunities created through the industry-research partnerships.


The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) at Texas Tech University (TTU) supports the CAC@TTU as follows:

  • Maintains memberships and strong working relationships with domestic and international cloud standards bodies, government entities, and working groups that coordinate future directions of cloud services.
  • Provides experience in creating and managing high-performance computing and Grid frameworks that span local, regional, and national scales.
  • Conducts research in future computing capabilities that dramatically increase Texas Tech University's novel computational research and opportunities in scientific innovations.
  • Coordinates disciplinary and interdisciplinary research engagements and industry partnerships to identify, foster, and develop new research and educational opportunities.
  • Stays abreast with new computing, storage, and visualization technologies and their scope and impact in scientific computing.
  • Collaborates with campus researchers, students, and other TTU-supported projects and programs to create a skilled IT workforce that could connect domain sciences and computing capabilities.

Join Now

Now that you have seen some of the benefits that can accrue to your organization through affiliation with the CAC, take the next steps toward membership spelled out in our pages on how to join.

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