Texas Tech University

Eppendrof 5804 Multipurpose Centrifuge

Nabila Shamim

The centrifuge 5804 is a non-refrigerated bench top centrifuge. The 5804 model has a maximum capacity of 400 ml. This compact, low-profile centrifuge is ideal for research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical chemistry laboratories. It has spin volumes from 0.25–100 ml (5804 and 5804R) at low to high speeds to accommodate a wide range of applications. Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speed. User-defined programs allow quick parameter selection and ensure reproducibility.

Eppendrof 5804 Multipurpose Centrifuge
Rotor: Six-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor, Capacity: 6 × 85 mL

Technical Data

Max. Rotational Speed 14,000 rpm
Max. Centrifugal Force 20,800 rcf
Max. Load 4 × 100 ml
Permitted Ambient Temperature During Operation 2 °C – 40 °C
Run Modes Timed (up to 99 minutes in 1-minute increments) or continuous run

Experimental Application

  • Nonlinear Rheology of Colloidal Suspensions (Nabila Shamim)

Polymers and Condensed Matter Physics Group