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NIST-TTU Torsional Dilatometer

This rheometer was built by Duran and Mckenna with the aim of measuring the volume change during stress relaxation. It has a strain gauge transducer with 1000 N Normal force and 39 N-m torque capacity. The mercury immersion dilatometer was replaced by a Laser scan micrometer in order to avoid the use of mercury immersion dilatometry for safety and health reasons.

NIST-TTU Torsional Dilatometer

Specs of laser scan micrometer LSM 501-H

  • Measuring range of 0.05 to 10 mm
  • Resolution of the device is 10 nm

Experimental Application

  1. Normal Force Responses in Polymer Glasses

Related Publications

  1. A. Flory, G. B. McKenna, "Microscopic Origins of the Normal Force responses of Glassy Polymers in the Subyield Range of Deformation", Macromolecules, 38(5), 1760 (2005).

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