Texas Tech University

Setaram C80 Calvet Calorimeter

The Setaram C80 is a Calvet calorimeter suited for temperatures ranging from ambient to 300 °C. The maximum heating and cooling rate is 1 °C/min with a resolution of 0.1 μW. The C80 offers the advantage of using big samples because of the large bore chamber. The volume of each vessel is 15 cm3. This calorimeter is originally designed to measure the heats of mixtures and reactions useful for the chemical, specialty chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing and cement industries.


In our work, we use this equipment to investigate the enthalpy recovery of polymer glasses under different histories of temperature and carbon dioxide pressure. In order to study the plasticization effect on the thermal properties of polymer glasses, the C80 was modified in our laboratory to operate under different CO2 pressure conditions.

Polymers and Condensed Matter Physics Group