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Fisher Scientific Isotemperature Water Bath

Nabila Shamim

The water bath has deep drawn stainless-steel reservoir with perforated sample tray. Digital temperature set can program the exact temperature between ambient and 100 °C.


  • Capacity: 10 L (2.6 gal)
  • Overall size: 16.4 in. Length x 15.4 in. Width x 8.88 in. Height (40.9 cm x 38.4 cm x 22.2 cm)
  • Reservoir size: 10.25 in. Length x 11.5 in. Width x 6 in. Depth (25.6 cm x 28.8 cm x 15 cm)
Fisher Scientific Isotemperature Water Bath
In our experiment the water bath is used in the synthesis of Si nanoparticles.

Experimental Application

  • Nonlinear Rheology of Colloidal Suspensions

Polymers and Condensed Matter Physics Group