Texas Tech University



Professional writers, photographers, video creators, designers and Susie make this office run as smooth as the Masked Rider after a touchdown.

OC&M Leadership

Matthew Dewey

Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

Chris Cook

Managing Director of the Office of Communications & Marketing

Media Relations

Jeff Ramazani

Senior Producer

Allison Hirth

Director of Multimedia Services

Taylor Peters

Senior Producer

George Watson

Media Relations Specialist

Karin Slyker

Media Relations Specialist

Glenys Young

Media Relations Specialist

Amanda Bowman

Media Relations Specialist

OC&M Marketing

Rony Dixon

Graphic Designer

Veronica Medina

Art Director

Armando Godinez

Art Director

Blake Zimmerman

Director of Social & Emerging Strategy

Michael Minshew

Manager of Paid and Social Content

Preston Jordan

Associate Director of Social & Emerging Strategy

Ashley Rodgers


Laken Jacobs

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

Batbold Myagmarjav

Programmer Analyst

Noemi Martinez

Web Designer

Gary Eubanks

Programmer Analyst

Caitlin Alvarez

Web Designer

OC&M Administration

Susie Land

Unit Coordinator

Office of Communications & Marketing