Texas Tech University

Emergency Procedures


  1. Calmly and quietly walk to the nearest exit.
  2. Do not use elevators.
  3. Follow instructions of emergency personnel.


  1. If it is safe to do so, activate the closest fire alarm.
  2. Evacuate to the designated evacuation area.
  3. Call 9-911 and report the location and nature of the fire.


  1. Do not enter any flooded area, i.e., basement, first floor, vaulted area, etc.
  2. Minor Flooding: call the Physical Plant and report the location and nature of leak.


  1. Dial 9-911 and report the nature of the illness or injury and the location.
  2. Stay with the victim until help arrives if there is no immediate danger to yourself.

Violence and Workplace Threats

Texas Tech recognizes the high cost of violent incidents and the disruptive effect they have on employees and productivity. Personal harassment (including stalking), abusive behavior, and violence are not tolerated in the workplace. Learn More.


  1. Take cover at the lowest level of the building. If an underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get under a sturdy piece of furniture. Avoid places with wide-span roofs such as auditoriums, cafeterias or large hallways.
  2. Stay away from windows.
  3. If outdoors take cover, if possible, inside a building. If shelter is not available or there is no time to get indoors, lie in a ditch or low-lying area or crouch near a strong building.
  4. After tornado passes, remain alert for signs of additional tornadoes and/or flash flooding.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency 911

Texas Tech Police
Non-emergency 806-742-3931

Physical Plant
Maintenance Emergencies
806-742-3328 (after 5 pm)

Information Technology
Server-related issues 806-742-3649

Governor's Division of Emergency Management

Texas Department of Public Safety

First Aid

Basic First Aid Training is available to all TTU faculty and staff. Learn more >>.

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