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Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions are necessary so that people with visual impairments can understand the visual content. The required format for audio descriptions is as an audio track that describes the visual content in the video as in the example below. 

Audio Description Options

Mediasite, TTU's primary video platform, does not yet support audio descriptions. There are, however, other options available for providing audio description support in our videos. Below are several options available that could work for various types of video content. 

Please contact us at elearning.oa@ttu.edu with any additional questions about audio descriptions.

Describe Visual Content As You Go

For videos that are created or recorded by faculty at Texas Tech, the need for an audio description track can be eliminated if all essential visual content in the video is described by the speaker. 

For example, consider a lecture video. The instructor could take a few seconds each time a new image pops up on the screen to describe what is being seen. This improves the accessibility of the video substantially. 

Create a Text Alternative

With existing videos, one option is to create a media alternative. This usually takes the form as a Word document posted next to the video. The document would include a running description of all the visual content in the video interspersed with a transcript of all the non-speech sound and spoken word. 

This option typically does not meet the full legal requirement for accessibility. It should only be used in "talking head" style videos. 

Create Another Version of the Video

When adding an audio description track to a video platform is not a possibility, as with Mediasite, consider creating a second version of the video. This second version would have an audio track that includes audio descriptions and the users can choose which version of the video they would prefer. 

To get help creating a second version of your videos, contact us at elearning.oa@ttu.edu

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