Texas Tech University

Blackboard Student Support

Blackboard 9.1 Tips

General Browser Issues:

  • Get a fresh start: Close all the internet browser windows. Sometimes it's just helpful to let your browser get a fresh start!  You might want to restart your computer as well.
  • Check your browser: Make sure that you are using a browser supported by Blackboard Learn 9.1.
  • Try using an alternate supported browser: There are many settings and software configurations that can cause one supported browser to work better than another on your computer.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari have several supported browser versions.
  • Troubleshoot Java Issues in Blackboard:  Having problems with the Chat Tool? Uploading files from your computer? Opening the HTML Editor?
  • Internet Explorer blocked download: Get help here.
  • Problems with eRaider, the network, or other technical difficulties:  IT Help Central is available to assist with eRaider sign-in problems, browser errors, and other technical difficulties you may encounter.  For technical assistance, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP, email them at ithelpcentral@ttu.edu, or visit the IT Help Central website.

Tips for Success when taking a test in Blackboard:

Blackboard Test Tips for Students
  • Be aware that if you close your browser, the TIMER continues counting down.
  • Save the answers as you progress through the test.
  • Do NOT at any time click the browser Back or Forward buttons.
  • Do NOT at any time click the browser Refresh button.
  • Use caution when taking a Blackboard test on a computer using WiFi (wireless). Use a computer that is connected to the internet with a network (Ethernet) cable if at all possible.
  • Do NOT take the test on any type of mobile device (i.e. phone or tablet).
  • Always take a test on a computer with a supported browser! Check for supported browser versions here.
  • Make sure to click the Save and Submit button only once, then wait to see the submission confirmation page before leaving the screen.
  • Contact your Instructor immediately if you encounter any difficulties!

Respondus LockDown Browser

The following download link is specific to Texas Tech University, as it contains pre-configured information to connect you to TTU's Blackboard.

Technical Assistance

If you encounter difficulties with the Blackboard course content or tools, please contact your instructor and if needed, the instructor can initiate a request for assistance with Blackboard Support to resolve the issue by emailing blackboard@ttu.edu or by calling

IT Help Central

For technical assistance with the TTU network, Blackboard, or your computer, contact TTU's IT HelpCentral. IT HelpCentral is open late and on weekends for the TTU community. They assist with eRaider sign-in problems, browser errors, and other technical difficulties you may encounter. They offer many ways the TTU community can access technical assistance. Their self-support services include:

  • askIT
    askIT allows TTU users to access the same Knowledge Base(KB) that TTU's IT Help Central uses to resolve customer issues. You will also be able to use askIT to view a list of scheduled maintenance and known system outages, as well as view your own issues, update them, or close them. Use this tool to attempt to resolve some computer troubles.

Contact IT Help Central via:

  • Phone: (806)742-HELP
  • Email: ithelpcentral@ttu.edu
  • Request assistance using ITHC's Online Form: Your request for assistance will be submitted to IT Help Central, and they will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Walk-up Services: Please call before visiting Walk-up Services in order to ensure the best support experience. Also, visit IT Help Central's Hours of Operation page to view their Walk-up Services hours. Walk-up Services is located in the same building as University Parking Services–the Administrative Support Center at 2903 4th Street. The entrance is on the northwest corner of the building. A map is available at here.