Texas Tech University

Transfer Credits


Crosswalk: Associates of Science in Architechture at El Paso Community College to Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Texas Tech University - El Paso

EPCC Course SCH TTU Equivalent Degree Applicibility
English 6      
ENGL 1301 3 ENGL 1301   Core 010N
ENGL 1302 3 ENGL 1302   Core 010N
Math 7      
MATH 1314 3 MATH 1320 MATH 1321 Core 020N
MATH 2412 4 MATH 1350 + MATH 1--- MATH 1350 Core 021N
Science 8      
PHYS 1301 + 1101 4 PHYS 1403   Core 030N + Lab
Choose One of the Following
CHEM 1311 + 1101 4 CHEM 1307 & CHEM 1107   Core 030N + Lab
PHYS 1302 + 1102 4 PHYS 1404   Core 030N + Lab
Language, Philosophy, and Culture 3      
ARCH 1301 3 ARCH 2311   Core 040N
Creative Arts 3      
ARCH 1302 3 ARCH 2315   Core 050N + MULTI
History 6      
HIST 1301 3 HIST 2300   Core 060N
HIST 1302 3 HIST 2301   Core 060N
Political Science 6      
GOVT 2305 3 POLS 1301   Core 070N
GOVT 2306 3 POLS 2306   Core 070N
Social and Behavioral Science 3      
ARCH 1311 3 ARCH 1311   Program Requirement + Core 080N
Speech 3      
SPCH 1315 3 COMS 2300   Core 090N
Major Courses 30      
EDUC 1300 3 EDIC 13--   AS Requirement
ARCH 1303 3 ARCH 1301   Program Requirement
ARCH 1307 3 ARCH 1101 + ARCH 12-- ARCH 1101 Program Requirement
ARCH 1304 3 ARCH 1302   Program Requirement
ARCH 1308 3 ARCH 1102 + ARCH 12-- ARCH 1102 Program Requirement
ARCH 2312 3 ARCH 2351   Program Requirement
ARCH 2603 6 ARCH 2101 + ARCH 2503   Program Requirement
ARCH 2604 6 ARCH 2102 + ARCH 2504   Program Requirement
Semester Credit Hours Transfered 75   Smemester Credit Hours Applicable 75

*TTU cannot give junior-level credit for sophmore-level courses.

Additional Core that can be taken at EPCC


Only courses with a minimum grade of C or better will be accepted for the Pre-Professional Program. A review for acceptance will be required. The review consists of GPA, portfolio and statement of intent.

Any incomplete/coursework in progress at the time of application submittal must be reviewed by the Director of the TTU HCOA El Paso Program or the Director for TTU HCOA External Programs in Lubbock prior to acceptance.

The required credit hours for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture must be taken. Students wishing to transfer into TTU EP's Architecture program are strongly advised to complete the mutually agreed upon 75 degree applicable credit hours prior to entering TTU El Paso per the TTU and EPCC Architecture Articulation Agreement.

Be aware that equivalent course numbers may change at Dona Ana Community College or Texas Tech University. Please make sure to check with an adviser with the El Paso or TTU campus prior to taking a core course.

Texas Tech University Uniform Graduation Requirements

  1. Foreign Language Requirement
    Students graduating from Texas Tech University should be able to express, negotiate, and interpret meaning in a second language.
    1. Any entering student who has not completed two years of a single foreign language in high school must complete at least two semesters (or its equivalent) of a single foreign language at the first-year college level or at least one semester of a foreign language at a 2000 level or higher as a graduation requirement. Or,
    2. This requirement may also be satisfied by transferring in the equivalent courses from another college or university. Or,
    3. If you took two levels of a foreign language in high school, you should have your high school transcript sent from your High School to the TTU Registrar in Lubbock at the time of application. Or,
    4. If you received foregin language credit through an AP test in high school, you must send the official AP test results directly from the testing organization to TTU Registrar. Or,
    5. If you attended High School in Mexico, you must have your MX high school send your transcript to the TTU Registrar in Lubbock.
  2. Science Laboratory Requirement
    Students graduating from Texas Tech University are required to complete two semester credit hours of science laboratory courses. Normally this will be done by taking two 4-credit science courses or combinations of lecture and lab.
  3. Communication Literacy Requirement
    Students will complete the required communication literacy requirement.
  4. Core Curriculum Requirement
    Students will complete the required core curriculum.
  5. Multicultural Requirement
    In addition to the State of Texas core curriculum, every student must include at least one 3-hour multicultural course or its equivalent that focuses explicitly on the distinctive subcultures of the United States or on the culture of another society.


B.S. in Architecture, El Paso