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Program Overview

  • Credit Hours: The Bachelor of Science degree at TTU CoA El Paso requires a total of 124 credit hours, with a minimum of 54 credit hours taken in the 3rd and 4th years at TTU.
  • Prerequisite: Completion of an Associates degree with specific core courses completed with a minimum grade of C or better. If you are an El Paso Community College student, please consult the current Articulation Agreement. If you are transferring from another university or community college, please consult with our Academic Advisor Jeffrey Litchfield, to discuss articulation requirements. The Acting Director of the Texas Tech University Architecture Program in El Paso, Ersela Kripa, must approve all final course transfers.
  • Enrollment: While students are not required to enroll in a certain number of courses each semester, and completion time can vary by individual, some courses serve as prerequisites for future courses and many are taught sequentially. Consult the catalog listing for the College of Architecture for prerequisite information. Full-time enrollment is highly recommended, and enrollment in design studio is required.
  • Calendar: Semester-based courses run with Texas Tech University's Academic Calendar. Please consult the calendar for university course start and end dates, add and drop deadlines, holidays, and exam periods.
  • Admissions: New students may only enroll for Fall enrollment. We do not accept new students into the program during the Spring semester.

Application Process - Two Steps

Applications are accepted once a year for admission into the fall semester. Please note that two applications are required for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree administered at Texas Tech University College of Architecture El Paso.

Successful acceptance of an application in either location does not guarantee acceptance into both locations. You must be accepted at both TTU Lubbock and TTU at El Paso in order to attend the architecture program at TTU at El Paso.

Step One:

Application I — Submit to main campus in Lubbock. Apply to Texas Tech University [Lubbock] as an undergraduate transfer. Application starts July 1st.

  1. The application fee is $75 for U.S. students and $125 for international applicants to Texas Tech University [Lubbock].
  2. Submit official college transcripts and an official high school transcript to the registrar at Texas Tech Lubbock by the listed deadline.

Step Two:

Application II — Submit to TTU College of Architecture El Paso. Application deadline is November 30th. Email application materials to: architecture.elpaso@ttu.edu

  1. Application Supplement. Download the form and send it with all application materials.
  2. One-page Statement of Intent indicating why you chose Architecture as a profession and what unique and diverse perspectives you will bring to the College of Architecture.
  3. Unofficial Transcripts. (in addition to Official Transcripts sent to TTU).
  4. Digital portfolio of 15 to 25 pages, PDF format. The portfolio should include a collection of design work demonstrating the architectural abilities of the applicant. It should communicate the level, integrity, and breadth of your aptitude for the study of architecture. The review committee is interested in evaluating architectural design work. The portfolio should include work produced as a student and may also include a selection of supporting self-directed or outside work (two pages maximum). It should be composed in landscape orientation and demonstrate the applicant's abilities in the following areas:
    • Design explored in two and three dimensions and supported through drawings and models.
    • Appropriate use of media and the mastery of craft in constructing drawings and models.
    • Understanding of plan, section, and three-dimensional drawing to describe architectural space.
    • Freehand drawing: use of line, line weight, accurate observation.
    • Studio course work that additionally demonstrates aptitude in construction, design, analysis and programming through graphics and models.

When am I officially accepted into the architecture program at TTU at El Paso?

You are officially accepted when you receive an acceptance letter from the Texas Tech University Registrar's Office in Lubbock and an acceptance letter from the architecture program director at TTU at El Paso. You will be accepted as a third-year architecture student and will follow the TTU at El Paso architecture program's curriculum. Texas Tech University Lubbock will notify you of your application status by updating the Applications tab in your RaiderLink. You are responsible for checking this site for important information and updates.

If you receive an acceptance letter from TTU at Lubbock, but you are not accepted to the TTU at El Paso architecture program, you have the option of attending the College of Architecture in Lubbock. If so, you must undergo a portfolio review upon entrance into the College of Architecture to determine your placement in the program. This does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a third-year architecture student.

Additional Information:

Financial Aid: During the admissions process, we recommend that you apply for financial aid. If you are interested in the Work Study program, please mark this in your FAFSA form. Students will not be eligible for general university scholarships and College of Architecture scholarships until after acceptance. Upon admission, students are considered to be a student at Texas Tech University at El Paso and will have access to the same resources available to students at TTU at Lubbock.

Financial aid is distributed based on full-time enrollment and several other eligibility requirements. Status for the semester is based upon the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled on the 12th class day in both fall and spring semesters, and financial aid is disbursed accordingly. Attending less than full-time could mean a reduction in financial aid. Learn more.

Advising: Once you are accepted into both campuses, you will attend a mandatory orientation session held at the TTU at El Paso campus. You will also be required to meet with your advisor before beginning classes.

ID Cards and Email Accounts: You will begin your ID processing during Orientation. Once you are issued a Texas Tech University email account, all university communication must be made using this email account.

B.S. in Architecture, El Paso