Texas Tech University

Covenant BodyMind Initiative

Creating Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies

This comprehensive wellness prevention program provides education in resiliency, which includes competence, identity, belonging, physical safety, emotional security, and mission and purpose. The program also provides education in wellness, which includes nutrition, physical activity, body image and relationships. Throughout the resiliency and wellness lessons, the common theme is the promotion of love of self and self-care.


Evidence shows that resilience development is correlated with higher levels of physical health and lower engagement in many unhealthy behaviors. In fact, resilient children and adolescents have positive values and skills in several realms including health and physicality.

Self Care

When people believe they are worth taking care of, they make better choices for themselves. Self-care enables the development of resilience and the maintenance of wellness patterns for continued, sustainable change.


Pre-adolescence and adolescence are times of great physical and psychological change. These changes can affect the person's wellness beliefs and behaviors. In addition, unbalanced eating, unhealthy exercise, and poor body image have become all too common.

Covenant BodyMind Initiative