Texas Tech University

Acceptable Use

Under the provisions of the Information Resources Management Act, Information Resources are strategic assets of the State of Texas that must be managed as valuable state resources. Thus this policy is established to achieve the following:

  • To ensure compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and mandates regarding the management of information resources.
  • To establish prudent and acceptable practices regarding the use of information resources.
  • To educate individuals who may use information resources with respect to their responsibilities associated with such use.

The purpose of the Texas Tech University Acceptable Use Policy is to communicate to all users acceptable and non-acceptable activities for which institutional information resources can be utilized.

The Texas Tech University Acceptable Use policy applies equally to all individuals granted access privileges to any Texas Tech University Information Resources.

  • Users must report any weaknesses in computer security, any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement. Employees should report incidents to their supervisor. Non-employees should report any incidents to the ISO. The supervisor and ISO will take appropriate action and, if necessary, contact additional proper authorities.
  • Users must not attempt to access any data or programs contained on Texas Tech University resources for which they do not have authorization or explicit consent.
  • Users must not divulge Dialup or Dialback modem phone numbers, share their account(s), passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), Security Tokens (i.e. Smartcard), or similar information or devices used for identification and authorization purposes. Users who share their access with another individual shall be responsible and held liable for all usage of their account.
  • Users must not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software. TTU information resources may not be used for illegal downloads of any materials, including those that use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.
  • Users must not use software listed in the "unacceptable software list" without explicit approval of the appropriate institutional Chief Information Officer or designee.
  • Users must not purposely engage in activity that may: harass (including sexual harassment), threaten or abuse others; degrade the performance of Information Resources; deprive an authorized user access to an information resource; obtain extra resources beyond those allocated; and/or circumvent computer security measures.
  • Users must not download, install or run security programs or utilities that reveal or exploit weaknesses in the security of a system unless the individual user has explicit written consent from the institution's Information Security Officer. For example, users must not run password cracking programs, packet sniffers, port scanners, or any other non-approved programs on Texas Tech University Information Resources.
  • Texas Tech University Information Resources must not be used for personal gain, commercial gain, or for political purposes.
  • Users must not intentionally access, create, store or transmit material which Texas Tech University may deem to be offensive, indecent or obscene as defined by Chapter 43 of the State of Texas Penal Code on Public Indecency. (Exceptions may be made for academic research where this aspect of the research has the explicit approval of the Texas Tech University official processes for dealing with academic ethical issues).
  • Discovery of explicit material, including child pornography, on any Texas Tech owned information resource or networks must be reported to the ISO immediately. Following an internal investigation, law enforcement agencies may be involved as necessary.
  • Remote access to Texas Tech University from any computer must comply with the same access policies that apply to use from within Texas Tech University facilities. Employees must not allow family members or other non-employees to access Texas Tech University computer systems.
  • Users must not otherwise engage in acts against the aims and purposes of Texas Tech University as specified in its governing documents or in rules, regulations and procedures adopted from time to time.