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Letter From the Superintendent

TTU K-12 is growing rapidly and with that growth comes the need to change and improve upon what has been done in the past. Superintendent James Taliaferro writes to the TTU K-12 community about the changes and improvements you can expect moving forward. 

News and Events

TTU K-12 Staff Attends Student Graduation in Brazil

Three TTU K-12 staff members recently attended a graduation ceremony at one of TTU K-12’s partner schools in Brazil. Read a recap of the trip, the graduation and the trainings that were conducted. 

New Website Launched for TTU K-12

TTU K-12 is committed to providing students, parents and teachers all the resources necessary to help students be successful through their academic careers. As a result, TTU K-12 has launched a new, more robust website to help visitors find exactly what they need quickly. The new site includes some old resources, new resources and resources you didn’t know you needed. Visit the new TTU K-12 website at k12.ttu.edu.

The Alexander family having reindeer milk tea with the Tsaatan.

Feature Story

TTU K-12 allows a family of five to sail the world, meet the Reindeer People and walk the Great Wall.

Their Story
Staff and Student Spotlights

Making a Difference Through Music 

TTU K-12 student, Madison McWilliams, is quickly rising through the world of pop music. With a schedule that takes her from Los Angeles to New York and back to Austin regularly, Madison does a lot of her schoolwork on planes and between recording sessions.

Teacher, Soldier and Leader

TTU K-12 mathematics instructor and Naval Healthcare Administration Officer Elizabeth Farrar shares about her background as a teacher and her commitment to distance education. 

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Staff Spotlight

Dr. James Taliaferro

Dr. James TaliaferroDr. James Taliaferro, superintendent of TTU K-12, has helped to make the program a success through his commitment and dedication. Learn more about his start in education and his vision for TTU K-12.

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