Texas Tech University

Elizabeth Farrar

Teacher, Soldier and Leader

by Joshua Blount, Editor

TTU K-12 provides a quality education with skilled instructors while also providing the opportunity for students to explore their passions and pursue their goals. This opportunity,  however, is not limited to students. Since beginning her journey as a TTU K-12 instructor, Elizabeth Farrar has had the opportunity to pursue her desire to educate students while also serving her country.

In addition to educating TTU K-12 students, Farrar also serves in the United States Navy as a Healthcare Administration Officer. But Farrar's duty to the military did not discourage her from her desire to be an educator and contribute to the success of students. "I wanted the opportunity to continue teaching while still serving in the military," Farrar stated.

Elizabeth Farrar has been a certified teacher for 15 years. Before working with TTU K-12, Farrar taught at Rice High School and Ennis High School near Dallas, Texas. She has earned two master's degrees and hopes to teach advanced mathematics in the future.

During her career, she has taught numerous mathematics courses, including Pre-Calculus, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry I. Farrar has a deep appreciation of math and hopes that her students will learn its value. Farrar's classroom philosophy is that "math is the universal language and each student has the ability and potential to be great in mathematics."

After years of teaching in a traditional classroom setting, the change to online teaching was challenging for Farrar, but one that she was able to adjust to easily. This was due in part to the advancements that TTU-K12 has made in online education as well as Farrar's commitment to educating her students despite the learning platform.

"I definitely miss the face-to-face interaction. However, new online teaching platforms and educational resources are bridging the gap and are allowing improved student-teacher communication," Farrar stated.

Farrar believes that the most rewarding aspect of being an educator is having "the opportunity to positively impact tomorrow's leaders." She offers this piece of advice to students: "Dreams are attainable through hard work and perseverance."

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