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It is important to be familiar with TTU K-12's policies to ensure you are making the most of the program.

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Intake Form

The intake form is used for all students regardless of the program the student intends to enroll in and does not guarantee admission to the full-time diploma program.

If you are new to TTU K-12 you will need to fill out our intake form to create an account. The intake form collects student information and demographic information required to establish a student record. Students will have an opportunity to change programs from within Focus if they desire. There is no fee to create an account in Focus.


Select the Program You Are Interested In.

Supplemental Individual Student (Part-time):
If you will remain enrolled at your local school and want to take a TTU K-12 course to graduate early or on time, take courses not offered at your local school, make up failed credits, or have an alternative for summer school; you will select the Supplemental/Part-time option. Students must receive prior approval from their school counselor before enrolling in any course or CBE. Failure to obtain approval may result in unawarded credit for a course or CBE.

Full-time Tuition-Free Diploma Program (Texas Residents Only)
The State of Texas has designated TTU K-12 eligible to receive state funds. As a result, beginning in August 2021, we will offer a tuition-free K-12 online academic program available only to Texas residents!  *Note: There are requirements to which you must adhere if you wish to be included in the tuition-free program. You will need to withdraw from your local school district to attend TTU K-12 full-time tuition-free program.

Please read carefully. To apply to this program:

  • It must be consistent with your academic needs.
  • You must be a Texas resident under the age of 25 and provide proof of residency.
  • You must provide a copy of your birth certificate.
  • You must submit a Social Security Number (upload a copy of your social security number for verification).
    • Instead of your social you may provide a State ID Number/SNumber (not a Driver's License Number), or a Unique Texas ID Number.
    • If you do not provide the State ID Number or Unique Texas ID Number, you must provide your Social Security Number.
  • You must provide a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  • You must be scheduled into at least four semester courses and maintain satisfactory course progress.

Full-Time Tuition-Based Diploma Program
(Outside of Texas or Texas residents seeking more flexibility)

TTU K-12 offers a tuition-based option for students who desire the flexibility of a distance education but reside outside of Texas or do not want the additional restrictions of the tuition-free program. We offer all courses necessary to meet the requirements to complete a Texas high school graduation plan. If you are currently a TTU K-12 student or if you want to withdraw from your local school district to attend TTU K-12 full-time but you do not want the additional restrictions of the tuition-free program, you will select this option. There will be a non-refundable admission fee charged to apply to the Full-Time Tuition-Based Diploma Program. See our tuition and fees page for specific pricing.

District Partnership
If your school is part of our District Partnership Program and the District is purchasing courses for you to take, you will select District Partnership.

International Program
International students will select this option to provide student information prior to course scheduling. The International Program can be for individual students living outside the U.S. or a Partner school, who uses the TTU K-12 curriculum and courses at a distance, enabling students to work toward obtaining a Texas high school diploma. This program is recommended for students with an English-language background due to the rigors of reading, writing and speaking English. If you select this option, a TTU K-12 staff member will contact you to complete the enrollment process.

Institutional Testing Services (Bulk)
School Testing Coordinators will select this option to provide student information for students taking courses or CBEs through an approved institution.

Enroll Online
There are no application deadlines; students can apply at any time.
* Transcripts are assessed individually and are used to determine admission.


Textbooks and Materials

If you are applying to the full-time tuition-free program:

  • Your textbooks will be supplied for you. If you do not choose to purchase optional materials, skip Step 3.
  • You will have the choice of purchasing optional materials. If you would like this choice, continue with Step 3.

If you are applying to the full-time tuition-paid program or the supplemental program:

  • Some courses have required textbooks and materials for an additional cost. Required textbooks are indicated in the syllabus for a course.
  • TTU K-12 has partnered with MBS Direct to supply these books and materials. Students must create a separate account with MBS Direct to purchase their books.
Order Textbooks
If students secure books from another source or choose not to purchase books and materials at the time of enrollment, they are responsible for obtaining the correct edition of each book.

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Congratulations on becoming a TTU K-12 student! We're excited to have you and look forward to helping you succeed in your education.

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