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All online courses and Credit by Examinations at TTU K-12 include remote proctoring that removes the need for a physical proctor.

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Our remote proctoring solution, Proctorio, allows students to take an online exam anytime, anywhere, once they are ready, on their own schedule. There is no need to secure a proctor, arrange an exam time, and travel to the agreed-upon testing location. Students can take the exam from their home computer at any time.

What Do I Need To Take My Exam?

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A Quiet Area

Find a quiet and distraction-free area where you feel comfortable taking your exam. Prepare to be seated here for the entire duration of the exam.

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A Webcam and Microphone

A working webcam and microphone are required.

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A Computer with Proctorio

Any desktop or laptop computer with a good internet connection with Google Chrome and the Proctorio extension installed should be sufficient.

You cannot take the exams from mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc)
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A valid photo ID

You will be asked to hold up your photo ID to document that you are the test taker.

Things To Keep in Mind
While Taking Your Test

How Does It Work?

Proctorio is active when you log in to the exam and is gone when you log out. During the exam, a system of computers captures your movements and sends your video and other data to your instructor for review. Proctorio will flag activity that might not be allowed. Your instructor will then be able to review the video and data to decide if any action is necessary.

Student Guide to Getting Started with Proctorio:
Student Guide   Troubleshooting Guide

Room Scans

You may be randomly asked to perform a room scan during your exam. If this happens, lift your webcam or laptop and slowly turn it around to give a 360-degree view of your exam environment. Do not move the camera too fast or it won't provide a clear video, and you may be asked to perform the scan again. It is important to show each corner of the room and your desktop area.

Once you are finished, return your webcam or laptop as close to its original position as best you can.

If you're using a desktop computer with a built-in webcam (e.g. iMac), it might be difficult to lift and rotate the entire computer. You can either rotate a mirror in front of the webcam or ask your instructor for further instruction.

Important: Failure to perform the room scan properly may result in a violation of exam procedures.

Live Help

If you need help, click the shield in the upper right-hand corner of the Blackboard page to activate Proctorio's Live Chat.

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Proctorio Website

More help and resources can also be found on the Proctorio website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have A Technical Problem?

Proctorio offers 24/7 technical support to students via email, or phone at (480) 428-4089 or toll-free (866) 948-9248. Help and information can also be found on the Proctorio website.

Is Online Proctoring Required For All Online Exams?

All online CBEs and final course exams require online proctoring. Some courses may also have proctoring on midterm or unit exams.

What About Accessibility And Those Students With Special Needs?

Proctorio is VPAT certified, 508 compliant, and fully accessible to those with special needs.


Students and parents must understand that this remote recording device is purchased and controlled by the student and that recording from any private residence must be done with the permission of any person residing in that residence. To avoid any concerns in this regard, students should select private spaces for the testing.

What Information Does Proctorio Collect From Students?

Unlike other online proctoring services, Proctorio does not employ the use of biometrics or external human proctors to monitor the student while they take the exam. Proctorio will record the student's identity via webcam and, depending upon the exam settings, monitor the exam attempt in various ways. A multitude of privacy provisions have been established to ensure student privacy and FERPA compliance.

  • Proctorio has no file access of any kind. Proctorio cannot and will not access any of personal files or documents.
  • During an exam Proctorio may take screenshots of the desktop, detect the number of computer monitors connected to the computer, or record web traffic. The information is stored with zero-knowledge encryption, which means the data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Once an exam is completed, Proctorio no longer has access to this information.
  • It is impossible for anyone at Proctorio or any of its affiliates to view exam recordings. They are only accessible to authorized users at TTU K-12 and through its Blackboard system.
  • Proctorio never stores academic information from any of its users.
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