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Texas Tech K-12 provides various solutions to meet the needs of students from all walks of life.

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High School
Diploma Program

A state-approved option for students who need or desire the flexibility of a distance education to earn their high school diploma. We offer all courses necessary to meet the requirements to complete a Texas high school graduation plan.

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Graduation Plans

Texas Tech K-12 high school graduation plans consist of a Foundation Graduation Plan for every Texas student and five endorsements from which students may choose, depending on their interests.

Foundation Plan with Endorsement
with Distinguished Level of Achievement

This is the recommended path for Texas Tech K-12 students. All students who graduate following this plan will also receive the Distinguished Level of Achievement. This allows them to compete for Top 10% automatic admissions at any Texas public university and positions them to be among those first in line for a TEXAS Grant should they qualify financially.

In addition to the credits earned on the Foundation Plan, college-bound students in the foundation plan will complete:

  • 1 advanced course credit in each Math and Science.
  • 2 credits of targeted electives.
  • 1-4 required electives to meet a selected endorsement.

TTU K-12 offers the following endorsements:

palette icon - Texas TechArts & Humanities graph icon - Texas TechBusiness & Industry
blocks icon - Texas TechMultidisciplinary Studies rocket icon - Texas TechSTEM
Endorsement Options
Students are required to choose an endorsement option when selecting the Foundation Plan unless they have prior approval from their advisor and parental consent. Students may change their endorsement at any time prior to graduation.

Course Credit Chart

All students in a Foundation Graduation Plan with Endorsement will complete a total of 26 credits:

Course Credits
English 4
Math 4
Science 4
Social Studies 3
Foreign Language* 2
Arts 1
Physical Education 1
Electives** 7
*A language other than english.
**Including one-half credit of communications and speech.

Personal Graduation Plan

For more information on current Texas graduation requirements, please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.

Our advisors are here to help!

Our academic advisors guide students through the endorsement selection process and help them choose an endorsement that best fits their interests and existing credits.

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Non-Traditional Graduation Plans

Many adults have the opportunity to complete their high school diploma through the Texas Tech K-12 full-time diploma program. Academic advisors will evaluate transcripts for non-traditional high school students based on the year they enrolled in 9th grade courses. Contact us to find out how Texas Tech K-12 can fit your needs!

Preparing for Graduation

Attending Graduation

Even though Texas Tech K-12 is an online program, we know that high school graduation is a momentous occasion in any student's life. Every year we hold a spring graduation ceremony that is open to students who have been approved to graduate within the past school year.

Graduation is a unique chance for students to meet some of their teachers and advisors face to face, get to know other graduates and share their accomplishment with family and friends in a beautiful venue.

Preparing for Graduation

College & Career Readiness

As students near graduation, there are important steps to take to prepare for college and career options. Our advisors will guide you through state and national assessments, financial aid resources, college applications, etc. Texas Tech K-12 is here to help!

State & National Assessments   Readiness Resources

Middle School

The Texas Tech K-12 middle school program is an engaging and rigorous program that prepares students by forming the foundation for high school.

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Students enrolled full-time in middle school will complete all core courses in addition to one year of Fine Arts and one year of Career Exploration.

beaker icon - Texas TechScience book icon - Texas TechLanguage Arts/Reading
globe icon - Texas TechSocial Studies calculator icon - Texas TechMath
palette icon - Texas TechFine Arts outline graph icon - Texas TechCareer Exploration

Academically strong students have the opportunity to get ahead through credit by exams and enrolling in approved high school courses.

Two middle school students - Texas Tech
Our advisors are here to help!

Our advisors are available to help guide parents and students to make the most of their education.

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Elementary School

The early years of a child's educational journey are very important. Texas Tech K-12 offers an elementary curriculum that helps young learners have fun through discovery and development.

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The elementary curriculum focuses on four disciplines:

beaker icon - Texas TechScience book icon - Texas TechLanguage Arts/Reading
globe icon - Texas TechSocial Studies calculator icon - Texas TechMath

Each course consists of two semesters. Each semester course offers 75 days of instruction. Courses may be purchased as a grade-level set or as a combination of grade-level courses to accommodate the needs of multi-level students.

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Have questions?

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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General Information

Maintaining Your Enrollment Status

Students in the Texas Tech K-12 full-time program generally complete a total of six to seven credits per year (12-14 courses).

The minimum requirements for full-time enrollment status are:

  • Enrolled in a minimum of 4 courses per term.
  • 1 lesson submission per week.
  • Stay at or above the grade level for their age.

Diploma Eligibility

To be eligible to receive a Texas Tech University High School diploma, a full-time student must:

*Credit by Exams and Dual Credit do not meet this requirement.

Dual Credit Information

Students must contact their advisor for approval of dual credit enrollment.

Credit by Exams

Texas Tech K-12 offers over 150 Credit by Exams (CBEs) to evaluate a student's mastery of a given subject or discipline relative to Texas standards. These exams align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and can be used to make up a failed credit or test out of a subject they have already mastered. Students have two opportunities to take a Credit by Exam for credit. A CBE cannot be taken in the last 2.5 credits before graduation as these credits must be Texas Tech K-12 courses.

Free Online Counseling for Full-Time Students

Texas Tech K-12 is proud to partner with Campus Alliance for Telehealth Resources (CATR), supported by Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine (TCHATT) with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to provide free counseling and mental health resources for our full-time students.

If you are interested in receiving a referral for free online counseling, please contact your advisor. 

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