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Tuition-Free Program

The State of Texas has designated TTU K-12 eligible to receive state funds. As a result, beginning in August 2021, we will offer a tuition-free K-12 online academic program for full-time Texas resident students. This program will be offered in addition to the current options we provide.

TTU K-12 Provides:

  • free online full-time course enrollments funded by the State of Texas
  • free registration for TTU K-12 Diploma Program
  • free access to online or print textbooks for courses

Parent/Guardian Provides:

  • student computer with minimum technology requirements
  • reliable, high-speed internet access
  • graphing calculator for math courses
  • general school supplies, including spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters
  • commonly available household supplies for specialty courses, such as art and science


Potential Students:
Enrollment Options

If you are applying to TTU K-12's tuition-free program and are a Texas resident:

Enrollment in the Texas resident tuition-free program is limited. State law requires that we conduct a lottery to select students for existing admission slots each semester. The fall lottery is held prior to the beginning of each new school year, which begins in August/September. The second lottery, which begins in January, is for spring/mid-year transfers. During each lottery, students are admitted until the pre-established enrollment cap is reached. Enrollment between lotteries may become available and is subject to available space.

  • You will need a birth certificate, proof of Texas residency, and an unofficial transcript to submit your application*. You will not be entered into the lottery unless this required information is provided.
  • Homeschool students must also provide a transcript and will be required to take Credit By Exams for grade placement.

Please Be Aware

There are some different requirements for tuition-free students, based on state law. By submitting the application, you are agreeing to abide by these requirements.

Tuition-Free Program RequirementsTuition-Free FAQs

For the TTU K-12 Student Handbook, Code of Conduct and other important information,visit our Student Resources page.


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