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TTU K-12 Distance Learners Meet Up at Raiderpalooza

Raiderpalooza Marks School’s First Meet-Up

The new TTU DFW site was the perfect place to host TTU K-12’s first face-to-face event.

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(L-R) President Lauren Holder, Vice President Kyleigh Castloo, Responding Secretary Ashlyn Schiller, Corresponding Secretary Kaylee Schiller.

TTU K-12 Students Elect 2024 Student Council

New officers from grades 8 through 11 will lead TTU K-12’s Student Council.

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2023 TTU K-12 Commencement

Spring 2024 Commencement

Students and their families are invited to attend the 26th Texas Tech High School graduation ceremony.

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Social-Emotional Skills

The advising staff managed multiple sessions of social-emotional skill training for each grade level.

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Gabriela Barros, International Education Coordinator for Liberty Education, facilitates the training for teachers, advisers and other support team members.

Big Things Going on in Brazil

From new enrollments to training for teachers and staff, TTU K-12 partner, Liberty Education has been busy.

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Cari Moye

TTU K-12 Principal Cari Moye

Last fall Cari Moye was recognized for her passion in Texas Tech’s State of the University address.

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Samantha Dillard having her blood drawn

The Chance to Save a Stranger

Samantha Dillard donated blood stem cells to help a 16-year-old boy fight acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Jett and Katy

Fitting a Ranch Family’s Schedule

After exclusively homeschooling, TTU K-12 couldn’t be a better fit for twins’ high school experience.

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Teacher Spotlight: Lenzi Hart

Lenzi Hart believes that encouraging a love of reading is the best thing she can do for her students.

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Staff Spotlight: Taylor Silvas

Adviser for secondary students and adult learners, Taylor Silvas is rewarded by her students’ successes

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