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Assessment Descriptions


These are the various screening protocols that are included in this assessment

Blood Values:  This assessment includes collecting a very small amount of blood, via a finger stick, which is used to evaluate your glucose and lipid (fat) levels.

Cardiovascular Baseline:  This assessment includes evaluation of peripheral pulses in your neck, arms, and feet.  Additionally, your resting blood pressure and respiratory rate will be determined.  These values will act as a baseline for comparison to exercise values.

Body Composition:  This assessment includes height and weight, body circumferences, and skinfold measurement.  Body circumferences of the hip and waist are determined using a standard tape measure.  Skinfold measurements are determined using a standard skin caliper which evaluates the thickness of the fat layer below the skin surface.

Flexibility:  This assessment includes evaluating the mobility of your hip and shoulder joints.  Hip mobility is determined by evaluating how close you can come to touching your toes from a sitting position (sit and reach test).  Shoulder mobility is determined by evaluating hand position on the upper back (back scratch test) and/or how high you can lift a pole above your head from a prone position (shoulder elevation test).

Cardiorespiratory:  This assessment includes a submaximal exercise performance protocol of stepping on and off a bench.  During the Queen's College Step Test,  your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen levels will be monitored continuously.

Muscular Endurance:  Assessments include the push-up protocol for upper body muscular endurance; plank protocol for core endurance, and/or Ruffier squat protocol for lower body muscular endurance.  All of the assessments use your body weight for resistance and only take a few minutes to complete.  Your heart rate will be monitored during the squat test.  For the core and upper body assessments the duration of time you can hold or move through a specific body position determines your overall muscular endurance rating.

Collectively all of these assessments will be used to determine your overall health-related fitness and design an appropriate exercise program.

Initial Health Screening Survey


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