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Learning Experiences

Covid-19 = Creativity!
New Video Resources are Now Available for Teachers

In our region, some schools are back in session, others are meeting virtually, and still others are doing a combination of both. Even for in-person learners, activities like field trips are curtailed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. To fill this gap, Michela, the Landmark's Heritage Education Intern, made a series of videos that are available to teachers.

As she says, "I wanted to supplement the opportunities for the kids due to the lack of field trips. Videos seemed like the natural choice in a digital world in a way that appeals to both visual and auditory learners. We wanted to provide the same quality of in-depth tours that we usually provide for groups, so the galleries seemed to be the place to start."

For more information, contact our Heritage Education staff at or 742 1116.

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