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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 60.28: Food Handling Program

DATE: November 13, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to ensure that Texas Tech University (TTU) is in compliance with the Texas Department of State Health Services rules on food service sanitation and the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER), 25 TAC §§ 228, adopted by the Texas Board of Health. All university dining facilities shall meet these requirements in order to operate on campus grounds.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in October of odd-numbered years by the Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety with substantive revisions forwarded through the Associate Vice President for Research (Responsible Research) to the Vice President for Research & Innovation.


1.  Intent

Texas Tech University has authority and responsibility for inspecting, monitoring, and implementing food management controls where facilities are wholly within university property. TFER regulations require that these inspections be performed by a person registered in Texas as a professional sanitarian.

2.  Responsibilities

 a.    Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) will perform the following services:

(1)    Conduct routine sanitation inspections of food service establishments on the TTU campus;

(2)    Investigate suspected food-borne illnesses;

(3)    Review plans and specifications for new and remodeled facilities and equipment;

(4)    Conduct training seminars for TTU food service managers and workers as requested; and

(5)    Notify TTU establishments of new regulations, food recalls, and other pertinent information.

b.    All dining managers will:

(1)    Ensure compliance with TFER regulations and recommendations made by the EHS sanitarian;

(2)    Ensure that all food service managers are certified food protection managers according to the TFER regulations;

(3)    Train all dining employees on regulations and safety procedures; and

(4)    Attend scheduled EHS training sessions.

3.  Program Requirements

a.    All university dining managers will be required to be certified food protection managers as defined by the TFER regulations.

b.    All university dining facilities will be inspected at least biannually for compliance with TFER regulations.

c.    All violations and recommendations issued to TTU dining facilities by the EHS professional sanitarian should be corrected and adhered to within the specified time frame.

d.    A dining facility's failure to correct and adhere to any and all citations and recommendations may result in cessation of that facility's food service operations.

e.    A permit will be issued annually to all university dining facilities, pending satisfactory compliance with TFER regulations.

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