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[Moderate revision–posted 11/20/23 (replaces 12/15/21 edition)]
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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 61.26: United Supermarkets Arena Marquee

DATE: November 20, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish the priority use of the university's marquee, the types of messages that can be displayed, and the procedures to have a message displayed through the United Supermarkets Arena.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in December of each year by the Executive Director of the United Supermarkets Arena with substantive revisions forwarded to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer (SVPAF/CFO). 


1.  Texas Tech intercollegiate events, United Supermarkets Arena major events, and Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center commencements have priority use of the marquee.

2.  The marquee is exclusively used for Texas Tech-sponsored events and/or events that take place on the university campus. Only campus departments can sponsor a message.

3.  Campus departments may request to post a message on the marquee by sending the event information via electronic mail to marquee@ttu.edu. The event information should include the following:

a.    Name of the event;

b.    Location of the event;

c.    Date(s) and time(s) of the event;

d.    Date and time when the message should start/stop running;

e.    Name and telephone number of the person to contact for additional information; and

f.    Proposed message.

4.  Due to the size of the marquee display, all designs should be kept simple and avoid unnecessary details. Intricate designs can become confusing or difficult to discern on a small screen.

5.  Camera-ready art should be submitted in JPEG format and in the dimensions of 272 pixels wide x 64 pixels high, 72 dpi. One to two slides can run per event. If the message consists of two slides, each slide will run for five seconds, one after the other. If the message is featured on a single slide, it will run for 10 seconds. Exposure is once every full rotation.

6.  Messages displayed on the marquee should be of interest to the general population of both Texas Tech University and the Lubbock community. Messages should not target a specific group; e.g., “Attention all science majors.”

7.  Messages generally will not start running on the marquee until one week prior to the event. All slides must be submitted no later than 48 business hours in advance of preferred start time.

8.  Names of individuals should not be included in the message unless the person's name is part of the event title (e.g., “Elton John in Concert”) and may not include third-party corporate sponsors.

9.  If a message is not approved for display on the marquee because of time constraints, message content, or because the message does not conform to this OP, the sender of the message request will be notified via email of the reason the message will not be run. If the request to post the message is denied, the requesting sponsor may appeal to the Executive Director of the United Supermarkets Arena.

10.  Due to the cost of utilities and maintenance of the marquee, the United Supermarkets Arena will charge $100 per message each day the message runs. This fee will not be charged for the priority uses listed above, and it may be reduced or waived by the Executive Director of the United Supermarkets Arena or the SVPAF/CFO.

11.  The amount of time each message runs will be determined by how many messages are running each day; there is no guarantee of how many times per hour a message will run. The priority uses listed above will receive the majority of time on the marquee.

12.  If the marquee is needed for emergency messages such as the closing of the campus for inclement weather, all other messages may be preempted during this time.

13.  The TTU President, the SVPAF/CFO, and/or the TTUS Chancellor must approve all emergency messages to be posted on the marquee.

14.  As a result of prior agreements, some sponsor messages will be run on the marquee. The SVPAF/CFO and/or the Director of Athletics must approve all sponsor messages.

15.  The United Supermarkets Arena department is responsible for the maintenance and programming of the marquee.

16.  The United Supermarkets Arena department is responsible for all costs associated with running the marquee, including utilities.

17.  The SVPAF/CFO and/or the Executive Director of the United Supermarkets Arena can authorize the use of the marquee for other messages.

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