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[Revised and posted 6/25/07]
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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 63.01: Storage Facilities

DATE: June 25, 2007

PURPOSE: This Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) establishes the use of the university's storage facilities by university departments.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in June of every fourth year by the Managing Director of Physical Plant with recommended revisions forwarded through the Associate Vice President for Operations to the Associate Vice President/Comptroller and the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance by July 15. This OP will be reviewed again in 2011.


The university maintains a long-term storage facility located near Quaker Avenue and Erskine.

1.  Long Term Storage

To the extent that space is available, requests for space assignment will be considered within the following guidelines:

a.    Requests for space are to be made in writing by the department head and should set forth the type and amount of material to be stored, the amount of space requested, and the expected duration of the storage period. Requests for space should be directed to the Associate Director for Material Resources and Business Offices, Mail Stop 3142.

b.    Hazardous, perishable, dangerous, or explosive materials will not be accepted for storage.

c.    Outdated or obsolete items should be disposed of rather than stored.

d.    Although the facility will be secured, the department storing the items assumes full responsibility in the event of any loss or damage.

e.    Departments assume responsibility for loading, unloading, and transporting all items into and out of storage. If available, arrangements may be made through the Central Warehouse for these services at prevailing charges for labor and equipment required.

f.    The facility is strictly for storage and is not to be used as an assembly and disassembly point.

g.    The storage facility will be open each Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. In emergency situations, requests for access should be directed to the Associate Director for Material Resources and Business Offices.

h.    After notice to the department, abandoned items will be disposed of in compliance with all university and state regulations. Any costs incurred will be billed to the department storing the items. If the department is no longer paying for the space in which the items are stored, the items will be considered abandoned.

2.  Storage Charges

A charge of $0.60 per square foot of space used per month will be charged to the department until the stored items are removed from the warehouse. Such billings will be made quarterly.


Attachment: Request for Extended Use of Long-Term Storage in the Erskine Warehouse

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