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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 69.01: Distribution of Payroll Checks

DATE: April 24, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish the procedure for distribution of payroll checks.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in February of even-numbered years by the Chief Payroll Officer with substantive revisions forwarded to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer.


1.  Distribution Methods

a.   Employees may obtain their payroll checks at Payroll & Tax Services on or after payday by showing proper identification.

b.    Employees may authorize Payroll & Tax Services to electronic funds transfer (EFT) their payroll checks to a designated financial institution by enrolling in direct deposit. This service is available to all active regular employees under the “TTU Employee” tab on the Raiderlink portal at http://raiderlink.ttu.edu. Changes to direct deposit information will be effective within 24 hours of the original entry. (Note: During payroll processing times, enrollment will not be available until the payroll has been completed. This occurs three times a month, usually for less than 48 hours per occurrence.)

c.    Employees who do not have an employee tab or during downtimes of the online Direct Deposit System can enroll for direct deposit by contacting Payroll & Tax Services at webmaster.payroll@ttu.edu.

d.    Employees may obtain the earnings statement electronically on the website at the Raiderlink portal at http://raiderlink.ttu.edu.

e.    Employees may have their checks mailed out of Lubbock by providing Payroll & Tax Services with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for each check to be mailed. A stop payment will be initiated and the check will be reissued if it is not received by the 10th business day after mailing.

f.    On payday, checks will be released only to the named payee unless written authorization is given by the payee instructing otherwise. The person designated will be required to provide a written authorization from the payee, along with his/her own identification to match the authorized name on the written authorization from the payee.

2.  Unclaimed Payroll Checks

All checks 60 days old or older will be removed from the active check file and mailed to the employee's permanent address that is on file at the time the check is mailed. Payroll & Tax Services will contact the employee or his/her department prior to mailing to notify the employee that a check is available in Payroll & Tax Services.

3.  Right to Change Policy

Texas Tech University reserves the right to interpret, amend, or rescind this policy, in whole or in part, at any time without the consent of employees.

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