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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 70.47: Staff Emergency Fund

DATE: October 7, 2020

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish a Staff Emergency Fund Program for non-faculty, benefits-eligible employees.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in September of even-numbered years by the Staff Senate President, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, and Chief Payroll Officer of Payroll & Tax Services with substantive revisions forwarded through administrative channels to the Chief of Staff to the President and Associate Vice President for Administration and to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration & Finance.


1.  General Policy

a.    Purpose

The Staff Emergency Fund (SEF) provides limited financial assistance to staff members of Texas Tech University who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. A temporary financial hardship is defined as one caused by a time-limited, specific event, including, but not limited to, death of a family member (as defined by TTU System Regulation 07.12, Employee Leave), natural disaster, serious illness, or critical injury. Documentation supporting the temporary financial hardship and the specific event may be required for the application.

b.    Eligibility

To be eligible for assistance, the staff member must meet all of the following criteria:

(1)    Must be continuously employed as a full-time or part-time, benefits-eligible, non-faculty Texas Tech University staff member for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the application date;

(2)    Must have a current performance evaluation on file and have received an overall rating of "strong performer" or above;

(3)    Have not received a disciplinary action within the previous 12 months;

(4)    Have considered other possible resources;

(5)    Have not received an SEF award within the past 24 consecutive months;

(6)    Not currently serving as a member of the Staff Senate SEF Committee, Staff Senate President, or Staff Senate Treasurer; and

(7)    Not a spouse or an immediate family member of an employee who is serving as a member of the Staff Senate SEF Committee, Staff Senate President, or Staff Senate Treasurer.

Selection for the award will not be made based on an employee's protected status.

2.  Program Administration

a.    The program will be administered through Staff Senate. Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by a committee composed of Staff Senate members, Staff Senate President (ex officio), a Human Resources representative (ex officio), and a Payroll & Tax Services representative (ex officio).

b.    All identifying information contained within the application will be redacted to maintain anonymity of the applicant prior to review by the Staff Emergency Fund Committee. In order to notify applicant of approval/denial and to award funds (if approved), applicant's name will be made known to the SEF Committee Chair, Staff Senate President, Staff Senate Treasurer, Human Resources Representative, and/or Payroll & Tax Services representative. In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, all application materials will be subject to Open Records Requests.

c.    Staff emergency funding is not guaranteed and is based on demonstrated need, short-term nature of the financial hardship, committee approval, and available funds. Due to the limited amount of funds, all requests cannot be approved even though there may be a clear need for assistance.

d.    Applications for emergency funds may be approved at any time during the fiscal year, but they should be submitted to the Staff Senate through the application process listed below within three months of the date of the event.

e.    Award amount may not exceed $500 (processed through Payroll & Tax Services with appropriate deductions taken).

3.  Application Process

a.    Complete and print the application (Attachment A), then sign and date to verify that the information is valid and accurate. Information provided by applicants will be treated as confidential and shared only with individuals directly involved in fund administration.

b.    Submit completed application and supporting documentation related to the hardship for review by the SEF Review Committee. Applications can be submitted in the following ways:

(1)    By campus mail to Staff Emergency Fund at Mail Stop 1093;

(2)    Through the eRaider protected form on the Staff Senate website: www.staffsenate.ttu.edu; or

(3)    In person at the Doak Conference Center, Room 160.

c.    Applicants may be contacted by the Human Resources representative to provide supporting documentation.

d.    Staff Senate will respond to all applicants within 10 business days after the completed application has been received. All decisions of the committee are final.

e.    If the application is found to contain misleading or inaccurate information, it will be considered invalid.

4.  Right to Change Policy

Texas Tech University reserves the right to interpret, change, modify, amend, or rescind this policy, in whole or in part, at any time without the consent of employees.


Attachment A: Staff Emergency Fund Application

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