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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 76.08: Employee Training and Procedures for Handling Armed Robbery Incidents

DATE: May 5, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to provide guidance to those offices that handle cash and are subject to possible armed robbery.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in March of every fourth year by the Chief of Police with substantive revisions forwarded to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer.


Each person whose area of responsibility is affected by this OP will devise job procedures and/or other appropriate methods for carrying out the instructions contained herein. The Crime Prevention Unit of the Texas Tech Police Department is available to assist in the training of employees.

1.  Procedure to Implement Armed Robbery Plan

All affected supervisory personnel should take the following action:

a.    Have a supply of the Armed Robbery Description Checklist forms readily available. See Attachment A and reproduce as needed.

b.    Provide for more than one person to know where the checklist is kept.

c.    Appoint one person ahead of time to call the police. Appoint an alternate to act in the absence of the primary person.

d.    Appoint one person ahead of time to lock doors and secure the area when the robber(s) leave.
Appoint an alternate to act in the absence of the primary person.

e.    Appoint one person to distribute the Armed Robbery Description Checklist sheets to all witnesses to the robbery. Witnesses should not consult with other witnesses about their observations before completing their checklist.

f.    Collect all completed checklist sheets, if completed before officers arrive, and give them to the officers upon arrival.

g.    Assure that all appropriate personnel receive a copy of this OP and review it on a regular basis.

2.  Procedure during a Robbery

a.    Don't be a hero or heroine! Do nothing that would jeopardize your safety or the safety of others.

b.    If a firearm is displayed, assume it is real and loaded.

c.    Make no sudden moves and remain calm. If the robber(s) have a weapon, those persons will likely use it if provoked.

d.    Activate alarms (where available) ONLY if you can do so safely and without detection.

e.    Follow the robber(s) directions, but volunteer nothing more than you are asked.

f.    Make no sudden moves. If you must put your hands into a pocket or make any other moves, explain the action before doing it.

g.    If the robber hands you a note, drop it on the floor or place it out of sight to retain as evidence.

h.    Study the robber(s) as carefully as possible without being obvious. Note height, weight, race, age, clothing, jewelry, sex, speech characteristics, scars, tattoos, deformities, gait, and method of operation.

i.    Note the number of accomplices and where they stood. Try to make the same observations of each as in section 2.h. Pay special attention to the way the robbers address each other. Under stress, they may use real names.

j.    Note the type of weapon used by the robber and where it was carried.

k.    Note the direction in which the robber(s) departed and how the money was carried away (sack, bank bag, etc.).

l.    Try to remember exactly what the robber(s) said.


3.  Procedure after a Robbery

a.    The designated employee should call the Texas Tech Police (9-911). Give them your name and your location, and report the robbery. Do not leave the phone until you have answered all the questions that you may be asked. If injury occurred, advise police and state if an ambulance is needed.

b.    The person who actually dealt with the robber(s) should be near the person designated to telephone the police to assist in answering any questions asked by the police.

c.    As soon as the robbery has been reported to the Texas Tech Police, lock all doors, ask all witnesses to remain, and allow no one to enter until officers arrive.


e.    All persons who dealt with the robber(s) or were present during the robbery should immediately begin writing all that can be remembered of the information referenced in section 2.h.

f.    Do not discuss the robbery with anyone until after you have given your information to the police.

4.  Phone numbers for employees at the regional campuses:

Amarillo     354.5568
El Paso        545.6531
Odessa        335.5279


Attachment: Armed Robbery Description Checklist

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