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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 79.14: Aircraft Piloted by Texas Tech University Personnel on Official Business

DATE: February 18, 2022

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to outline the procedures for approval of the use of privately owned or leased aircraft by TTU employees in connection with official travel. Texas Government Code, Section 660.071 et seq. authorizes the use of personally owned or leased aircraft by state employees for travel on official business and provides that employees may be reimbursed for such travel in accordance with the General Appropriations Act. Section 07.11.8, Regents' Rules, extends this authorization to TTU employees, provided the following conditions are met:

1.    The aircraft used is maintained in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and shall have all instrumentation required for flying in the meteorological conditions then existing and as forecast;
2.    The pilot must be current and qualified in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations for the type of aircraft flown and the meteorological conditions then existing and forecast;
3.    No other faculty, staff, students, prospective students, or guests are onboard; and
4.    The pilot must execute a written release of liability releasing the TTU System from any and all liability associated with such travel.

This OP does not address procedures for the approval of official travel in rented aircraft.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in July of odd-numbered years by the Chief Procurement Officer with review and approval from the Office of the President and the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer.


1.  Definitions

a.    Employee

A person employed by Texas Tech University or Texas Tech University System as defined by university or system policy and including, for purposes of this OP, a key official or board member of the university.

b.    Official Travel

Official travel is travel related to the TTU mission and approved by the appropriate administrative unit in accordance with current policy and procedures.

c.    Personally Owned or Leased Aircraft

An aircraft owned by and registered in the name of the TTU employee or leased by the employee under a contract with a term of at least one month that gives the employee possession and use of the aircraft while the lessor retains ownership of the aircraft.

2.  Approval

a.    Initial Approval of the Use of Privately Owned or Leased Aircraft

Employees desiring to use a privately owned or leased aircraft for the conduct of official TTU travel must obtain prior written approval from the President or his/her designee. Upon submitting a travel application, the employee must provide proof of the following by submitting an authorization form (see Attachment A):

(1)    Current pilot certifications and ratings appropriate to the type aircraft to be flown;

(2)    Current flight review;

(3)    Verification that the aircraft to be used is personally owned or leased, as defined in the OP, and that the aircraft is registered under FAR, Part 47.

(4)    Verification that the aircraft has been and will be maintained in accordance with FAR, Part 43, and meets airworthiness requirements detailed in FAR, Part 23;

(5)    Verification that the aircraft will be operated at all times in accordance with FAR, Part 91;

(6)    Verification of appropriate insurance coverage;

(7)    Verification that passengers defined in this OP will not be carried while the aircraft is being used for official travel; and

(8)    Verification that any change in status of these items will be promptly reported to the President or his/her designee, by submitting an updated authorization form (Attachment A) prior to the time of travel.

In addition, the employee will provide a signed copy of the Release and Indemnity Agreement (Attachment B).

b.    Approval of Routine Travel by Personally Owned or Leased Aircraft

Once initial approval has been obtained, the designated travel approval authority in the employee's administrative chain of command may approve routine travel applications involving travel by personally owned or leased aircraft. Each travel application submitted must include a copy of the initial approved authorization form (Attachment A).

A new Release and Indemnity Agreement (Attachment B) must be executed prior to each application for routine travel and must be included in each travel voucher.

3.  Reimbursement for Official Travel by Personally Owned or Leased Aircraft

Employees shall be reimbursed for official travel in privately owned or leased aircraft in accordance with and at the rate authorized in current state regulations (Texas Government Code Chapter 660; General Appropriations Act, Article IX, Part 5; and Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter C, Section 5.22).


Attachment A: Application to Conduct Official Travel in a Personally Owned or Leased Aircraft

Attachment B: Release and Indemnity Agreement

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