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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 80.03: Out-of-Country Use of University Vehicles

DATE: October 31, 2023

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish the procedure for obtaining authorization to take university vehicles out of the country.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in April of odd-numbered years by the Senior Managing Director of Transportation & Parking Services, the Fleet Manager, and the Associate Vice President for Operations with substantive revisions forwarded to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer.


Various departments periodically find it necessary to take university vehicles out of the country, and specific requirements for obtaining authorization to do so are as follows.

1.  The individual responsible for the trip will send a formal request for travel to the Fleet Management Office (TTU – Operations Division, Box 43142) at least 20 working days prior to the trip. The following information must be provided:

a.    Responsible party (e.g., person, department chair, organization, etc.);

b.    Name of the driver(s);

c.    Driver's license number for each driver;

d.    Inclusive dates of the trip;

e.    Country to be visited;

f.    Purpose of the trip;

g.    Vehicle description, TTU inventory number, license plate number, and vehicle identification number; and

h.    FOAP number to charge for the supplemental insurance.

2.  The Vehicle Fleet Management Office will provide a copy of the formal request for travel, including the names and driver's license numbers to the Texas Tech University System (TTUS) Office of Risk Management for verification of appropriate insurance and authorized driver(s).

3.  The TTUS Office of Risk Management will provide confirmation of the authorized driver(s) to the Vehicle Fleet Management Office.

4.  The Office of Procurement Services will provide the Vehicle Fleet Management Office with a copy of any supplemental automobile insurance policies covering the vehicle while it is out of the country. Trips to Mexico present a unique hazard because insurance policies issued by American insurance companies are seldom recognized as valid by the Mexican government. Travelers driving into Mexico must obtain an insurance policy, authorized by Mexico, before crossing the border. Procurement Services can assist with obtaining such a policy.

5.  The Vehicle Fleet Management Office will prepare a vehicle travel package to be retained in the glove compartment of the vehicle(s), which will include the following:

a.    A letter authorizing the vehicle(s) to be taken out of the country;

b.    The original certificate of title on the vehicle(s);

c.    A copy of the automobile liability insurance ID card;

d.    A copy of the supplemental insurance policy, if applicable; and

e.    Emergency information in case an accident occurs.

6.  When traveling to the interior of Mexico (anywhere beyond the border cities) with a university vehicle, the driver is required to obtain a “Permit for Temporary Import of Vehicle into Mexico” at the Mexican Customs Office located at the border. This permit must be surrendered to the Mexican Customs Office at the border before leaving Mexico. This is the responsibility of the person named on the “Permit for Temporary Import of Vehicle into Mexico,” and failure to surrender the permit may result in fines and/or denial of permission for the responsible party to enter Mexico in the future.

7.  Upon trip completion, the vehicle travel package will be returned to the Vehicle Fleet Management Office within five business days.

8.  Travelers must also comply with OP 79.05, International Travel, in order to be approved for international travel to countries outside the United States.

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