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Garlic Chives

Allium tuberosum

Garlic chives is resilient to heat and dryness, and its grass-like foliage and pale, rounded umbels of Summer flowers make it an attractive addition to the landscape.

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Allium tuberosum

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Allium tuberosum Plant Information

Scientific Name: Allium tuberosum
Common Name: garlic chives
Family: Liliaceae
Suggested Uses: perennials, beds & borders
Plant Form: upright, curved
Foliage: dense vegetative clump of long, round, grass-like, hollow leaves

fine-textured foliage
Flower: flowers are pale purple or white round-headed umbels
Bloom Period: Summer
Sun: light shade
Water: low water requirement
Soil: well-drained
Heat Tolerance: high heat tolerance
USDA Zone: zones 4 - 10
Maintenance: deadhead after blooms to prevent self-seeding

self sowing habit can make it invasive

propagation by division or seed

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