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Hardy Aster

Aster sp.

A good source of Fall color, hardy aster provides a profusion of purple blooms when many other flowering plants have already called an end to their displays for the year.

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Aster sp.

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Aster sp. Plant Information

Scientific Name: Aster sp.
Common Name: hardy aster
Family: Asteraceae
Suggested Uses: perennials, beds & borders, fall color
Plant Form: upright, rounded
Height: 2 - 3 feet
Spread: 2 feet
Foliage: finely-textured, alternate, oblong leaves

stems and leaves are pubescent
Flower: lavender, purple, or blue daisy-like, single flowers
Bloom Period: Fall
Sun: light shade
Water: medium water requirement
Soil: well-drained soil
Heat Tolerance: high heat tolerance
USDA Zone: zones 4 - 9
Native Range: Northern hemisphere
Maintenance: low tolerance for cold winters; retaining stems during the winter increases survival rate

propagation by division or  stem cuttings
Additional Notes: good source of fall color

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