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Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

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Lathyrus odoratus

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Lathyrus odoratus Plant Information

Scientific Name: Lathyrus odoratus
Common Name: sweet pea
Family: Fabaceae
Suggested Uses: annuals, container plantings, hanging baskets, cutflowers, groundcover
Plant Form: spreading, cascading
Height: depends on structure
Spread: 2 - 8 feet
Foliage: blue-green foliage and winged stems
Flower: showy, 1-2" sweetly fragrant blooms in white, pink, blue, purple, or red
Bloom Period: Summer
Fruit: non-ornamental, potentially poisonous seed pods
Sun: light shade
Soil: prefers soil that is loose, well-drained, moist, and richly organic
Heat Tolerance: low heat tolerance

moderate frost tolerance
Native Range: Italy
Maintenance: rapid growth rate

potentially poisonous seed pods

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