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Pothos Ivy, Centipede Tongavine

Epipremnum pinnatum
Interior Potted Plants

Pothos ivy is a commonly grown interior plant, and for good reason.  It requires little watering or light, and its cascading growth habit makes it an interesting addition to hanging baskets or trailing from high shelves.

(Detailed plant information can be found at the bottom of the page.)
Epipremnum pinnatum

Epipremnum pinnatum Photo Gallery

Epipremnum pinnatum Plant Information

Scientific Name: Epipremnum pinnatum
Common Name: pothos ivy

centipede tongavine
Family: Araceae
Suggested Uses: interior hanging basket
Plant Form: cascading
Height: depends on structure
Spread: depends on structure
Foliage: heart-shaped leaves which attach to a climbing stem

cream to yellow variegation
Light Requirement: low exposure

does well in low light if water is reduced to match environment
Water: low water requirement
Heat Tolerance: medium heat tolerance
Maintenance: may train on a pole or allow to trail
Additional Notes: attractive plant for pot plant, hanging basket, or totem pole use

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