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Carolina Cherry Laurel

Prunus caroliniana
Evergreen-Shrubs / Evergreen-Trees

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Prunus caroliniana

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Prunus caroliniana Plant Information

Scientific Name: Prunus caroliniana
Common Name: Carolina cherry laurel
Family: Rosaceae
Suggested Uses: screens and hedges, small specimen tree
Height: 10 - 20 feet tall
Foliage: evergreen, alternate, and glossy

up to 5 inches long

reddish petiole and either serrate or entire margins (can have both or either one on the same plant)

crushed foliage has a distinct odor
Flower: white flowers that look like test tube cleaners
Bloom Period: Spring
Fruit: green to black drupe in Fall
Bark: gray to nearly black
Sun: full sun
Soil: well-drained soil

pH adaptable
USDA Zone: zones 7 - 10
Maintenance: many people plant too close to buildings and it over-grows the site
Pests & Pathology: can get shot-hole fungus
Additional Notes: considered a weed plant in many areas of the United States

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