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Interdisciplinary Minor in International Studies

An interdisciplinary minor in international studies is offered for students who wish to gain an understanding of how the nations
of the world are economically, politically, socially, and culturally interdependent. The minor is made up of a 9-hour core of required courses and 9 hours of electives. The core courses are GEOG 2351, Regional Geography of the World, POLS 2361, International Politics, and 3 hours from ECO 3333 International Economics or POLS 3366 International Political Economy or SOC 3357 Globalization. The advisor may allow substitutions in the core when it can be shown that they t in with the student's major program and academic objectives.

Elective courses are selected from among courses that deal with international topics in departments within the College of Arts and Sciences. Courses from other colleges may be accepted if they have been previously approved by the program advisors.

Contact: Political Science Advising, Department of Political Science.

Global Studies

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