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Housing in Lubbock

Lubbock offers a broad spectrum of housing options that can meet expectations of both cost-conscious consumers and comfort oriented renters. As a rule of a thumb, neighborhoods south and west of campus tend to be more affluent than neighborhoods east and north of the campus. In many cases this also means that they are relatively safer but also more expensive. Exception to this rule is are the Overton neighborhoods located on the eastern edge of the campus.

Among favorite locations for Texas Tech community are the Tech Terrace U.N.I.T., North Overton, portion of the South Overton west of the Avenue T, and Maxey Park / Medical District. In addition, the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood is beginning to grow a loyal following among cost conscious renters. Rental prices in the Heart of Lubbock are generally lowest from all near-campus neighborhoods and while number of rental properties is increasing this neighborhood is marked by deep socioeconomic divisions.Lubbock also offers an assortment of more suburban neighborhoods located in south, west, and south-west portions of the city. Those neighborhoods tend to cater to families rather than students.

We recommend that you begin your housing search by familiarizing yourself with the layout of Lubbock neighborhoods by visiting the Lubbock Neighborhood Map. This will give you a better sense how far each of the neighborhoods is from campus. 

Explore available options and decide on characteristics of the neighborhood you would like to live in. Decide whether you would prefer to live close to campus or in a suburban neighborhood, weight safety against price per square foot, and weight price against distance from campus. If you plan further from campus explore whether you can find a housing option close to the Marsha Sharp Freeway, in many accounts the fastest route from west Lubbock to campus. Remember, you will likely be travelling to and from campus quite a bit and Lubbock public transit is not among the most developed. If you are looking for housing options and you are not from the United States you may consider contacting national student organization from your country of origin and asking them for their recommendation. List of the Texas Tech national student organizations is available here.

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