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doubletofficersDouble T Health Service Corps is a fairly new student organization available to students who are enrolled at Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. There are many healthcare related student organizations on campus, but DTHSC was created to encompass all healthcare disciplines and create an interdisciplinary environment to learn more about the healthcare professions that each of us will work alongside. We have grown in community service opportunities over the past few years and have even started student healthcare organizations at local schools within Lubbock ISD. Our organization has become known for providing plentiful opportunities to our members, such as graduate resources, certifications, service opportunities, scholarships, and leadership opportunities. Students have noticed our vastly increasing amounts of opportunities that we provide, and our organization has doubled in size over just the past two years. –Jenna Townsend, Vice President

As part of this club we strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives, not just during the volunteer opportunities we partake in. We see that a lot of our members are very enthusiastic about their education and love the opportunity to serve their community. This shows that no matter how cheesy it sounds, in order to be a successful healthcare professional there has to be a desire to want to help and care for other people. Double T Health Service Corps maintains a mission "to help members get involved in their communities and succeed in their pre-professional health care career paths." Our goal as officers is to provide volunteer opportunities, shadowing/observation information, graduate and professional school resources, leadership opportunities, social events, cords, scholarships, and more. Our hopes are that anyone who is a member of the Double T Health Service Corps community is proud of the services they perform through this organization, and that they look back on their memories of the club fondly as well as the friends they made along the way. –Kelsey Bowen, Secretary

Double T Health Service Corps is a newly established student organization that began with a handful of general members just ten years ago. In 2014, the number of general members had increased to nearly one hundred and fifty. Amazingly, the number of general members has nearly doubled in the past four years. This academic year (2017-2018) we have over 280 general members. –Jayson Williams, Treasurer

For the year of 2018, Double T Health Service Corps has goals to provide service opportunities to our pre-professional health students, provide the opportunity to make connections with people going into a variety of fields, and allow them to serve others as well as gain valuable experiences. It is always a goal of ours to keep our members as involved at Texas Tech University and in the Lubbock community as possible. By providing numerous amounts of opportunity, it is never difficult to find volunteer work with Double T Health Service Corps. Another goal of ours is to create an environment that integrates all of the pre-professional health students rather than focusing on their concentrations. In the healthcare field, different professionals must collaborate and this is an aspect we hope to emphasize this year in Double T Health Service Corps. –Melissa Bayat, Public Relations

Members of Double T Health Service Corps are involved in a wide variety of opportunities not only on the Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center campuses but in the Lubbock community as well. As a service organization, we promote and provide our members with numerous opportunities to serve the Lubbock community. Some of these opportunities include making dinner or desserts for the residents staying at the Ronald McDonald house and mentoring local elementary school children and those in high school who are interested in going into a medical profession. We also offer our club members the opportunity to volunteer with Interim Hospice as well as providing them with additional information on shadowing and internship opportunities in order to allow them to have more exposure to the medical field. In addition, we host give back nights and socials to allow the members of our organization to be better acquainted with one another at places like Chipotle, J&B Coffee, and Schlotzsky's. Double T Health Service Corps also offers our undergraduate members many opportunities to attend events at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. Once a month we offer a tour of the TTUHSC Sim Life Center. Also this month, we are encouraging our members to attend the TTUHSC Future Healthcare Professionals' Experience which is a free event put on by the various schools at the HSC to allow students to learn more about their programs and the HSC. Lastly, we offer numerous trainings/certification opportunities to our members like CPR and QPR, which is a suicide prevention training. –Brennan Gillilan, Health Sciences Center Representative

Double T Health Service Corps is unlike most other student organizations because our members represent all pre–health designations. We recognize that healthcare is an extremely collaborative field and that success is dependent on our ability to work well with others from all disciplines. Needless to say, our members come from diverse backgrounds and often with very different goals in mind. However, every single Double T Health Service Corps member has at least two things in common. We are all dedicated to pursuing a healthcare related career and have a desire to give back to Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and the Lubbock community through service. These two characteristics are what has connected thousands of students over the past ten years. –Adan Tijerina, President

Looking forward we all have high expectations for the future of Double T Health Service Corps. We would like to see the growth of the organization continue to bring together all those interested in helping others through a health related field. We would also like to see the number of volunteer opportunities grow, so as the organization grows we can continue to provide our services to a greater portion of the student body. In particular, we are hoping to expand our mentorship in Lubbock ISD schools. Our mentors are a great resource for high school students interested in a healthcare career. We have received great feedback from the students as well as the faculty and staff from the schools we currently serve. As always we hope to continue to see the initiative taken by our members and the lasting impact Double T Health Service Corps leaves on the community. –Matthew Galvan, Monterey Committee Chairperson

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