Texas Tech University

Seminar in Health Careers: INTS 3110

Integrative Studies [INTS] 3110 - Seminar in Health Careers is a 1-credit hour course offered by Pre-Professional Health Careers.

Healthcare professionals present weekly seminars related to preparation, training, and activities associated with various heath careers. 

Upon completion of this course, students will have a better understanding of:

  1. the prerequisites required for a successful application to a health profession program,
  2. the characteristics of a stand-out applicant to the program considered,
  3. the admission and evaluation process to the health career professional program considered,
  4. the training process for the health career program considered, and
  5. typical activities of the professionals in the program considered.

Students who have completed the course have been very positive of their experience, with feedback including:

  • "This course showed me that there are health careers perfectly matched to me."
  • "I figured out a plan B for my career, which became my new plan A."
  • "This (course) has been one of the most beneficial and interesting classes that I have taken at Texas Tech thus far."
  • "Each week's seminar afforded me a chance to better understand and appreciate the specific roles each of these careers have in patient care, as well as the different approaches to patient care that might be held in each of these professions."

Any questions about INTS 3110, please notify the Pre-Professional Health Careers advisors at pphc@ttu.edu.