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The Pre-Physical Therapy Club is an organization that provides students with information regarding all aspects of physical therapy, helping students through school and beyond. The organization puts together fundraiser, volunteer, and social events that members can attend and participate in.

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club strives to provide all students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the process of applying to physical therapy schools and beyond. I would like the members of the organization to find a community within the organization and make close connections with the other members.
Currently, I am working on recruiting new members for our organization. I have been attending new student organization fairs at Texas Tech, which have given me the opportunity to meet new Red Raiders interested in physical therapy. In addition to the fairs, I am working on getting outside contacts to attend our meetings this semester, and talk to our members about the profession. -Taylor Stallings, Vice President

This is a great organization full of students with a passion for physical therapy. We provide essential information such as volunteer opportunities, career services representatives, pre-professional health advisors, and up to date information on the world of physical therapy. It is a joyful, positive environment; with students who want to make an impact. My goals are to bring students together as a family. For one another to be close and not too shy to ask questions. I want a welcoming environment for all who wish to come. I am working on preparing to apply, myself, and as I gain quality information, I wish to share this with other students in the upcoming months. -Jairo Mendoza, Secretary

Pre-Physical Therapy Club (Pre- PT club) is centered on developing relationships between students at Texas Tech University. This club is very active in creating opportunities to grow and learn while being surrounded by like-minded individuals. The Pre-PT club has offered a multitude of volunteer options and socials, as well as providing incredible opportunities for students such as, touring the TTU Cadaver Lab. In addition, Pre-PT club has supplied information, useful tips, and connections for students applying to physical therapy school. The purpose of Pre-PT club is to give insight for applying to various physical therapy programs, as well as inform the student of their responsibilities and expectations in the professional field. My goal for the organization is to enhance the bonds between the students who are getting ready to apply to physical therapy school, or who are already going through the application process. I think being part of a team that is actively going through the same process is extremely helpful to all members involved. If someone were stuck on a part of the process, it would be very beneficial to have the support of a team that has already completed the process or may have an alternate approach to the problem. Currently the club officers are finalizing a schedule for the students at Texas Tech University. This will include volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and socials just to name a few. For my particular role as treasurer, I am working on getting the bank account under my and the president's name in order to use the funding to enrich the experience of the students coming to the Pre-PT club. -Collin Morgan, Treasurer

Pre-Physical Therapy Club is an organization that brings together students who seek to have a career in physical therapy. We all have the same interest so we strive to make a comfortable atmosphere and community where we make connections/help out each other in our journeys to become Physical Therapists. We also offer information about applying to physical therapy school, volunteer opportunities, and social events. Our organization's mission statement is to help our fellow students at Texas Tech who desire the same occupation as us. We inform our members of the physical therapy school application process, to get them familiar with it, so they aren't struggling/lost when the time to apply approaches. We also want our members to network with each other and gain experience through service, and this is why we have social events and volunteer opportunities. Overall, we want our members to feel prepared, confident, and to be outstanding candidates when the time to apply to physical therapy school arrives. My goals and hopes for the organization are for us to keep up the amazing work from previous officers. I hope to see more members join and to make stronger connections with one another. We are currently working on ways to make our members more social with one another and to make deeper connections. In the physical therapy field, it is so important to have connections and it makes the club more enjoyable when everyone is getting along and feels comfortable with one another. We also hope to connect with other organizations such as the Occupational Therapy Club to widen our views, have larger events, and network further. -Kayla Harwell, Historian/SORC Rep

The Pre-PT Club was founded to give pre-physical therapy students the opportunity to learn about everything from, expectations for the application process to professional practice. The mission of the Pre-PT Club is to help make Pre-PT students feel confident about their future in physical therapy, while also giving back to the community and building leadership along the way. The goal of the organization is to create a more social environment between members, and to reach out to other organizations related to our field to make larger events. One of the big projects we are working on is getting Lubbock locals, who are in the field of physical therapy, to come and speak to the club about their experiences. -Araceli Martinez, President

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