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John Meyer - Pre-Pharmacy

studentmeyer1Hello Red Raiders! My name is John Meyer and I am from a small town in Central Texas called Westphalia. It is home to about 90 people and only has a church and a grade school, so I attended Troy High School in Troy, Texas, and graduated as salutatorian in 2017. I am currently classified as a Freshman here at Texas Tech and my designation is Pre-Pharmacy.

Most of my siblings went to college closer to home, but I always knew that was not the path I was going to take. Thanks to my lack of decision making skills, I did not decide to attend Texas Tech University until June, or about 2 months before classes started. However, I have not regretted my decision even once. I chose Tech based on its outstanding academic record, the relatively low student population, and its extensive potential career paths.

Texas Tech has provided me with numerous academic challenges, but thankfully I am always up to a challenge. Also, because of the student-professor ratio, I have been able to build relationships with my professors, which will be immensely beneficial in the future when applying for pharmacy school. Speaking of pharmacy school, that is another reason TTU stood out to me. The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy is very highly rated and has a high passing rate.

The Pre-Professional Health Careers office has also been a great resource during my time on campus. They are very helpful and know how to best prepare students to be excellent candidates for professional school and understand what we are going through, as they have been there themselves. PPHC is also able to answer any questions I have about pharmacy school requirements, the application process, and how to stand out as an applicant.

During my first semester, I became a member of Double T Health Service Corps, one of the largest student organizations on campus and it caters to all pre-health students. I also joined the Pre-Pharmacy Club to meet other students that are taking the same route as me. Both of these organizations have helped me vastly thus far. I have participated in events such as the Lubbock Medication Clean-Out through these organizations, which have enabled me to meet future professors, gain exposure to medications, and meet other pharmacy school students. I also partook in several different events through these organizations that allowed me to meet new people and become familiar with the Lubbock community.

This summer I will be applying to pharmacy school and my goal is to be accepted to the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy for Fall 2019. My first semester here at Tech was a great, filled with many memories and opportunities, and I am excited to see what the future will bring!

Wreck 'Em Tech!
John Meyer


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