Texas Tech University


While Texas Tech University does not offer a designation or degree in respiratory therapy and related programs, we do assist students with exploring, preparing for, and applying to programs in that discipline.

Advanced- level and entry-level respiratory therapist evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Practicing under physician direction, advanced-level respiratory therapists assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care therapeutic treatments and diagnostic procedures, including the supervision of entry-level respiratory therapists. Entry-level respiratory therapists follow specific, well-defined respiratory care procedures, under the direction of physicians and advanced-level respiratory therapists.

Both advanced and entry-level respiratory therapists have the same education and training, and in clinical practice many of their duties overlap. However, advanced respiratory therapists generally have demonstrated advanced competency and therefore are given greater responsibilities. Advanced respiratory therapists also provide the sort of complex therapies that require considerable independent judgment, such as caring for ICU patients on life support. Physicians rely on the data provided by respiratory therapists to make treatment decisions.

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