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Shadowing Resources

An important aspect of an applicant's resume and application is their experience engaging their professional field of choice. Health professions schools and programs review many applications each year and a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to their discipline is a significant factor in the application process. Spending time shadowing or observing health care professionals can not only help your application stand out from others, but it can also help clarify if a profession is the right fit for you, develop relationships with future colleagues and potential letter writers, and much more.

Be sure to check out our list of possible volunteer locations for places to begin looking for shadowing opportunities, but don't just stop there. The possibilities are endless, not only in the Lubbock area, but back home or wherever you may find yourself.

Below are other resources for shadowing as a pre-health student:

TTUHSC School of Medicine Volunteer Opportunities

TTUHSC School of Medicine Pre-Medical Outreach and Engagement Programs

Continuing Medical Education Resources (for physicians)