Texas Tech University

iTTU Mentor

David Sharbutt Specialty Mentor

Functional Expertise

    • Communications
    • Investments

Industry Expertise

    • Engineering
    • Business Management (CEO)

Mr. Sharbutt is a retired business executive who most recently served as CEO and Chairman of Alamosa Holdings, Inc., a provider of wireless communications services, which was acquired by Sprint Nextel Corporation in February 2006. Mr. Sharbutt had been Alamosa's Chairman and a director since the company was founded in July 1998 and was named CEO in October 1999. Before joining Alamosa, Mr. Sharbutt was President and CEO of Hicks & Ragland Engineering Co., an engineering consulting company (now known as CHR Solutions).

Distinguished Engineer from the Whitacre College of Engineering. 1998

David is a Registered Professional Engineer in 27 states in the U.S., Guam, and the Virgin Islands. He was selected as the Texas Society of Professional Engineer's South Plains Chapter "Young Engineer of the Year" in 1983. He has served as president of the Association of Communications Engineers, chairman of the National Telephone Cooperative Association's Associate Members Advisory Council, chairman of the Texas Tech Electrical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, and is a member of the local chapter of the National and Texas Society of Professional Engineers. He is also a member of the Electrical Engineering Academy.